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He helped Russ set up the Polar Chilly Open all those years ago. When he heard we are losing the Battalion revenue he thought that he could help us. Delta Bingo does now and they are bringing in Electric Bingo Will not need the manpower, only 2 members per session, but still needs, Clubs, Groups, Charities, to run them. This is a heartbreaking loss for EHS and our greater community, and he will be sincerely missed by all of us. Our hearts go out to his family during this extremely difficult time. First published in 1974, A Toy is Born is still an enjoyable read for anyone interested in a “behind the scenes” look at the origins of some classic toys and games. All 31 gaming centres across 26 Ontario municipalities have raised $225 million for more than 1,900 charities to date, said Rick Gray, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation’s vice-president of charitable gaming. But basically, you must identify your remarks with the advisability of, at this stage, changing the time at which the bill will be considered. You’re not really doing that, and it’s not enough to argue the main motion. All of those depleted resources he sees in other parts of the world. Let’s just talk about copper, which is half of our product.

  • In other words, if it’s a bill with very questionable policy proposals in it, then that bill has to be studied.
  • When we believe in Confederation we believe in some sharing of taxation.
  • Kaye’s work and the industry knowledge he gleaned as a senior editor at Toys, an industry trade publication, is evident throughout the book.
  • So we look to British Columbia, and we know how much of this resource has been depleted over the years.

I don’t know, Mr. Minister, if we have to continue to read these to you, but it’s apparent that you haven’t bothered to read these analyses. They’re not all from major mining companies — they are from consultants and from engineers, they are from people who are concerned about this province and the continuance of the development of one of its major resources. The key decision to be made, therefore, is not the maximum quantity of taxes which may be possibly collected from each unit of the resource produced. It is very clear that the rate of taxation, through its impact on the incentives to explore for and develop resources, directly determines the amount of mining activity which will take place in British Columbia at any given time. I’ll go on further in discussion to talk about mine life which the Minister brought up. Your argument that there have been unduly high profits in the industry is not valid, nor is it a valid reason for the type of action you are taking now. I do admit to all British Columbians and to all people here that this province, as others, must move more strongly into the taxation field because of the world high prices we face now. By comparison, the average profit figure for the British Columbia mining period over the seven-year period from 1967 to 1973 was a return of slightly under 12 per cent, according to figures prepared by a major auditing firm for the British Columbia Mining Association. For only the mining segment of the mineral industry it was 13 per cent. These profit levels, for the risk of the business, are not excessive. Has always led the nation in, and indeed has been innovative in — such as your government has done by inheriting a healthy economy, an economy created with government supervising and collecting through taxation of resources, and creating a healthy economy. Where metal prices drop and result in diminished profit, the people in British Columbia will also receive less from this royalty. There is provision in the bill for the reduction of up to 1 per cent in the basic royalty. If the price goes down below that basic price, the royalty would go down a half of 1 per cent for the first 10 per cent and the second 10 per cent. If the price went down far enough below the basic price, we would only be receiving 4 per cent royalty rather than 5 per cent in future years. When a mining industry like the Canadian Pacific have mineral properties and they want to sublet them to someone else to develop and produce, they charge a royalty; they charge so much for the ore that comes out of the ground. If an individual owns a mine and he is going to make a deal with a company to develop it, one of the first things he talks about is how much he is going to get out of it. Usually there is a royalty, not a share of the profit. I want you to understand that the purpose of the royalties is to bring to the people a share of this non-renewable resource. One thing we must remember, if you are running a business — and I heard some people talking about a popcorn stand some time ago — you’ve got to pay for every ingredient you put into that business. In regard to the mining industry in British Columbia we have said over the years to the operators that they don’t have to pay anything for the product unless they make a profit. April 2004, the Child Care Resource & Referral Program’s mandate was revised to include support, resources and outreach services for parents, in addition to services provided to child care providers.

August 18, 2022

We suggest contacting the seller directly to respectfully share your concerns. Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. I can use TV characters, athletes, I’ve even had someone add their pet. I will keep photos in a file for about 30 days after shipping your game to you in case I need to make any corrections or if there is a secondary order placed. All of the pieces are in the bingo pieces dispenser. This seller consistently earned 5-star reviews, dispatched on time, and replied quickly to any messages they received.

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Early days of legalized gaming Amendments to the Criminal Code of Canada launched a new era of gaming across the nation. We think we’re a good group to be a part of, so check us out! If you are 19 years of age with a strong desire to help others and enjoy some great fellowship, then we are looking for you. Please reach out to any of our members or drop by the club during our meeting nights. We will be happy to show you our Kinsmen hospitality and what our club is all about. Now, as the Rotarians prepare to call their last numbers, both Clemons and Skeavington plan to support the charitable game one final time. “I’d have to say the majority of the North is what supports our bingo,” says David McLeod, CEO of NCI, which reaches virtually all of the province. Clemons has since turned the bingo into a social outlet, with she and her family scouring cards for numbers to blot out. In 2004, playing the bingo for just the second time, she walked away with $94,000, the program’s largest jackpot ever. In time the bingo expanded beyond Flin Flon to The Pas and, in more recent times, Thompson, where Elaine Clemons has tuned in for nearly the past decade. “A lot of people have been playing this bingo for 30 or 40 years, and they like their Saturday morning with coffee and bingo,” says Fraser. The ensuing success had Gordon urging his club to operate its own weekly radio bingo. They agreed, giving birth to a new fundraiser — and northern custom. Whereas weekly card sales stood at roughly 6,000 a decade ago, they have plummeted to less than 600 today. With the writing on the wall, the Rotary Club of Flin Flon recently voted to cancel the bingo and focus efforts on more lucrative fundraising opportunities. But following the game this Saturday, Skeavington and the thousands of others who have tuned into the bingo over the years will have to find new ways of injecting thrills into their weekends. The company now employs over 3000 people making casino equipment, slot machines, CD jukeboxes as well as running over 30 casinos around the world. NSM are one of the biggest success stories in slot machine history. The “World Cup” came out in 1974 and is a prime example of NSM’s policy of using existing games and branding them with topical themes. The world cup was held in Germany in 1974 and this machine cleverly used photos of national team players along the top row which clicked off if the ball fell into the correct cup. A book set in the past, a book set in a foreign land. SANTIAGO -Chile’s gross domestic product came in below expectations in the second quarter of 2022, central bank data showed on Thursday, leading economists to forecast a potential recession as pandemic-related stimulus is unwound. The performance highlighted Chile’s struggle to grow as the central bank aggressively tightens its monetary policy to tame soaring inflation, which reached a near three-decade high last month. “Chile’s economy merely stagnated in Q2 and the chances are high that it will fall into recession over the second half of the year,” Capital Economics’ Latin America economist Kimberley Sperrfechter said in a note. The Ontario Nurses’ Association is deeply troubled by the spate of health-care announcements from the government today that outlines major privatization plans, including conducting thousands of surgeries in private hospitals. SHANGHAI -China’s Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd aims to increase the proportion of electric vehicles in its total sales to 50% in 2023, as it accelerates a transition to electric power amid weakening demand for petrol-driven cars. One out of five vehicles Geely sold in the first half were full electric or hybrid, sales of which increased nearly four fold, compared with a 20% slump in sales of vehicles with combustion engines, according to the company. Hangzhou-based Geely, China’s highest-profile automaker globally due to the group’s investments in Volvo Cars and Mercedes-Benz, posted a 35% fall in first-half net profit. He’s given no backstory or mythology, and seems to be punishing people for greed that he artificially instilled in them. Besides, why shouldn’t these barely-scraping-along folk enjoy the notion of prize money? There are echoes of classic Stephen King baddies (especially “Needful Things”) in Big’s arrival from nowhere as a diabolical tempter. But despite his voiceover confession that “we feed desperate souls,” he ultimately proves pretty weak as any kind of demonic force — indeed, he gets his butt whupped by a bunch of senior citizens. Stay up to date on Wasaga Beach activities, events, programs and operations by subscribing to our many eNewsletters. A Toronto-based Lifestyle Magazine focusing on the Arts, Culture, Travel, Pets, History, Events, Charity + More. If the item does not fit, isn’t what you imagined, or you just plain change your mind, you are responsible for the cost of return shipping as well as a restocking fee of 25% of the price, so be sure to check measurements carefully BEFORE purchasing.

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In addition, any messages containing non-respectful comments or using inappropriate language or any form of advertising, will also be removed. In 2008, the Society office is renovated to add more shelving and storage space to accommodate the toy and equipment lending library. In December 2007, the Central Okanagan Family Resource Program is selected as the winner of the “Distinguished Service Award for Quality Programming” amongst 22 nominated FRP programs across BC. June 2007, marks 30 years that the Society has provided services to our community. June 2002, marks 25 years that the Society has provided services to our community. September 3rd, 1991 saw the opening of the new Kelowna Teen and Infant Day Care program. This new program was set up at the request of the Ministry of Social Services and School District # 23. Kiwanis High Noon and the Ministry donated $35,000 for renovations, toys and equipment.

The other misconception is that mining companies earn an excessive return on investment. I believe the government of this province and of this country have the best possible position under private enterprise. They can set the conditions, they can set the taxation rates. As long as they encourage the development of an industry, they participate only in the profits and never in the losses. In normal business that’s good, but it is even better in the high-risk business of mining. The public, through their general taxation, do not face periods of debts when they have to absorb huge losses which the mining industry does every day. But metal prices are determined outside of our province and country and the mining industry has little control over what they receive. This is the reason why metal prices often fluctuate without any relationship to production cost. Sometimes the prices escalate considerably, and they did for copper and precious metals, giving the producers the opportunity of enjoying very high profits. It is our opinion that the people of British Columbia should share in these escalating prices by way of an incremental royalty rate. How much has the province received from the depletion of these mineral resources of the province over the previous years? Some people talk about the immense amount of money that is spent by the mining industry and how much money the people of British Columbia are receiving from the mining industry, and how much taxes they’ve got to pay to the country. The inaugural meeting for a senior citizens club in Eaglesham took place March 9, 1974 in the Lessard Building, and was concerned with finding ways to spend leisure time. A Provisional Committee elected Antonio Desgagne as president, Ted Campbell, vice-president and Tom Lessard as secretary-treasurer, and the Senior Social Certre Club was born. Committees were formed to take care of bingo games, pull ticket sales, nominations to office, auditing ladies’activities, building and maintenance, and grants and entertainment. A building was purchased from Emilien Lessard for $4000, the money being raised by obtaining a loan of $3000 from local citizens and $1000 from the Legion. In 1978, the Royal Canadian Legion, Sauve Branch#235, and the Senior’s Club entered into a formal agreement where the the Seniors would hold 75% of the assests, liable for 75% of the expenses and receive 75% of the income. The Legion agreed to hold the remaining 25% interest. Members of the Seniors’ Society, the Legion and its Ladies’ Auxiliary would be entitled to use the facility on an equal basis. The Agriculture Society and the Recreation Board also helped with maintenance costs. Over the years the center was used for meetings, socials, performances, bingos, health clinics as well as a drop in center for members. Profits from Centre activites led to donations to the Boy Scouts, the Legion Poppy Fund, Telerama, the Olde Time Musick Group, the Drama Club, the Gymnastics Club and the building of the Cenotaph. Starting in 1981 the Club organized tours to places such as the Bennett Dam, Tar Island, West Edmonton Mall, Tumbler Ridge, Grande Cache, and Jasper. A Provisional Committee elected Antonio Desgagne as president, Ted Campbell, vice-president and Tom Lessard as secretary-treasurer, and the Senior Social Centre Club was born. Committees were formed to take care of bingo games, pull ticket sales, nominations to office, auditing ladies’activities, building and maintenance, and grants and entertainment. In 1978, the Royal Canadian Legion, Sauve Branch#235, and the Senior’s Club entered into a formal agreement where the the Seniors would hold 75% of the assests, liable for 75% of the expenses and receive 75% of the income. Members of the Seniors’ Society, the Legion and its Ladies’ Auxiliary would be entitled to use the facility on an equal basis. Now if this is your intent, then share it with the House. They will collect money, not only through their profit but through their share of the corporation tax and if they are in most provinces in…. It is obvious that the level of taxation at which government tax revenues will be the largest and will benefit the people the most will be in the middle range of tax rates — say between one-third and one-half of pre-tax income for the federal and provincial governments combined. I disagree with this Minister’s and this government’s whole argument because they basically have several points that they talk about. Minerals, however, are not resources, because resources are only those minerals which have economic value to man. There’ll be no employment if there is no industry, Leaving the minerals in the ground does nothing for the present generation, provides no services. To leave that in the ground will do nothing for people in the future. In 1956 we tried to get more money from the resource in bringing in a tax on minerals, on 50 per cent of minerals in the ground.

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The fact is these minerals you talk about can’t be left in the ground even on a no-taxation basis. They are important to the total economy of our country and our province. These ore bodies and these minerals are important to the people of British Columbia. Where there is profit, our province will benefit, through a quasi-royalty tax on profit. Again, we will benefit from our share of the corporate income tax. There is no benefit to the people if there is no development at all, if there is no money generated. And in saving the resource for the people of tomorrow by leaving it in the ground, if they continue the same policy that you have and leave it in the ground, there will never be any benefit from minerals for anybody. That is foolish; and this Minister has said that he would rather leave the minerals in the ground. When a company makes a feasibility study of a mine, they are at the cut-off price. If it’s copper, we will say that 45 cents a pound is the cut-off price they can make a profit on. The only time you may have to leave ore in the ground is if the price of copper comes down around that figure. So we look to British Columbia, and we know how much of this resource has been depleted over the years. We check to see how much revenue the Province of British Columbia has enjoyed from the mining industry. In 1967 and 1968 with a total value of $383 million, the direct revenue to the province — that includes the mining tax — was $4.6 million. We expended during that year by the department to the service of the industry $5.02 million. Born in Vancouver, the suave Cameron Bancroft grew up watching The Beachcombers never thinking that he would one day make his acting debut there. In 1985 he was hired to play three episodes as teenager Graham Blake, which turned into six seasons. He then went south to pursue a career, landing a recurring role on Beverly Hills , and other TV series and movies. His presence back on the set of the Beachcombers is one of gratitude and, with wife and two small children in tow, a way to show his family where it all began – with good clean Canadian fun. “I’m just happy to be back home,” says Cameron, adding that he hopes his role does justice to his mentor Gerussi. May 2004, MCFD requests that the CCS Executive Director participate on a working committee in Victoria to develop a provincial wide web site that would have child care search links to licensed child care programs across the province. The first regional website developed by the ministry for CCRR Programs. The website was linked to the Childhood Connections Society website. In April 2002, the Childhood Connections Society implemented the Early Detection Of Development Delay Initiative in our community. The initiative included training for parent and child care providers on how to detect development delay, as well as the creation of the resource booklet “What should Your Child Be Doing? ” 25,000 booklets were distributed free to the community. Mr. Speaker, God bless him, and I wish him luck because I think that the major return from these resource revenues should be for British Columbians. But I’m going to suggest that what he really should do, and what the federal government really should have done, is to get together and talk before warfare destroys an industry. What we’re concerned about here in British Columbia, Mr. Speaker, and through this Minister, is the maintenance of this important revenue base for employment and for revenue for benefits. The industry then in taking a loss cannot share with its workers, the people who work in the industry, any of the increased benefits. In fact, the extra hands at the bargaining table are those of the federal and provincial governments. “It has been assumed that the super royalty will be computed by reference to the gross sales price. In computing this royalty a basic value of 62 cents per pound has been used, being the approximate average London Metal Exchange price for the five years from 1969 to 1973. Because it clearly shows that if this government goes ahead and if the present government in Ottawa is returned, our resource industry, our mineral industry will be in chaos; it will decline; there will be fewer benefits for the people of British Columbia. We have found through preceding discussion that the value of resources results from the technology developed by the people of the industry. The profits earned by the industry act as the incentive for the development of technology and the discovery of new ore bodies. This opportunity is worth very little to the mining industry or to the economy of B.C. With regard to the incremental royalty, it was claimed that the prevailing copper price of about $1 per pound would result in a combined royalty of 21 cents per pound.

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At least these half-dozen geezers unquestionably rule each night at the local bingo hall. It is thus a rude shock when it turns out Mario — who’s already been conspicuous in his absence all day — has apparently sold the place to “new management.” Lured by omnipresent flyers, the populace files in that evening to find the rechristened “Mr. Big’$ Bingo” emporium has undergone a glitzy makeover. And Mr. B himself is a sharp-suited, shark-grinning MC who promises outrageous cash prizes. Jean-Claude Lord, born June 6, 1943 in Montreal and died January 15, 2022, is a Quebec director, screenwriter, editor and producer. Before becoming a prominent director, he became known mainly as a television columnist from 1969 to 1972, notably on CFTM-TV’s Bon Dimanche (Télé-métropole). He created his production company Jean-Claude Lord inc. in 1971. His first screenplays dealt with controversial aspects of Quebec society. Bingo questions the political action of young Quebecers and the corruption of the police. Parlez-nous d’amour , based on a script by Michel Tremblay, is a vitriolic critique of populist television. From Terreur à l’hôpital central, Jean-Claude Lord gave mostly standardized productions, except for La Grenouille et la Baleine , one of producer Rock Demers’ Contes pour tous. On November 1, 2017, he received the Guy-Mauffette Award, one of the 14 Quebec Awards.

Parents were also able to access a lending library for toys, book and play equipment as well as parent education opportunities. By 1987, the number of caregivers was 130 compared to 16 in 1975. Services expanded also as Social Services contracted the Society in 1987 to conduct social assessments for licensed family day care homes. Parent requests for day care increased markedly in the early 1980’s as did pressure from the Ministry of Human Resources who wanted the Society to service their subsidized clients exclusively. At this time also, the Society moved to mandatory training for all caregivers approved as members. 1982 brought provincial restraint “cutbacks”, which prompted a contract with the Ministry of Human Resources for the Society to provide assessments of non-member homes where care was provided for children under Provincial subsidy. A restaurateur and rapper duo are set to reopen the chain of coffee shops in Russia formerly owned by Starbucks Corp on Thursday, the latest rebranding of a major Western company following a months-long corporate exodus from the country. According to a shop front in central Moscow seen by Reuters, and the Instagram feed of rapper and co-owner Timati, the chain will be renamed Stars Coffee, with a new logo still featuring an image of a woman with a star above her head. The new name on the Moscow shop was still under cover of plastic on Wednesday evening as Timati and co-owner, restaurateur Anton Pinskiy, prepared to unveil the first new store later on Thursday. Like many of Jean-Claude Lord’s local productions, the youth and the common people are victims of widespread, systemic corruption, both in the political sphere and in the insidious backroom dealings of the business and communications world. The script is built around several trios—generational, political, and ideological—but also contrasts a strategic game with a game of chance and a theatrical game . Welcome to the Edmonton Rowing Club, serving Edmonton and the Capital Region since 1974. From its boathouses and training centre in Buena Vista Park, the Edmonton Rowing club offers an unparallelled rowing experience in the natural beauty of the mighty North Saskatchewan River valley. The Edmonton Rowing Club offers a variety of programs catering to all ages and skill levels. We offer a variety of programs ranging from introductory programs, a drop-in recreational program, and structured competitive programs for juniors, open class and masters. Our trained coaching staff will help you choose a program that is just right for you. New blood, new activities , rental income – there are many office spaces available for reasonable rent. The Club is willing to work with any individuals or organizations to provide space or accommodate activities for our community. Frequenting the yard sales and using our canteen services . Donations, both material and monetary are very much appreciated. It is with great sadness that the family of Rena Doris Bird announces her passing on October 13, 2020 in Prince Albert, SK. Rena was born in Tweedsmuir, SK on November 22, 1948 to Adam Bird and Doris Anderson. She lived in SK, BC, AB and moved back to Prince Albert, SK to raise her two oldest grandchildren after losing her daughter Kerri-Lynn. Rena moved in with her son Terence and his family 11 years ago after an acquired brain injury, then dementia set in 4 years ago and took a rapid decline within the last year. In addition to this Rena was diagnosed with cancer in March of 2020. She was a strong woman who fought a hard and courageous battle but succumbed to the disease when the Creator took her home on October 13, 2020. Although she lost the battle to cancer, Rena will always be remembered as a fighter and a survivor as she survived residential school and overcame many obstacles along the way. She has left behind many precious, beautiful memories and teachings with her family and friends. Council 6595 is determined to make our Seniors Apartment Complex one to be envied. Special attention is being paid to all aspects of construction so that all of our seniors needs are met. Being non-profit and not for profit the Knights are planning to have additional buildings on the property as time goes forward. The success of the TV Bingo has provided the Council with the funds to support the community at large by returning app. $100,000.00 each year to all needy causes such as , Heart, Lung, CNIB, Cancer, Crones & Colitis, Food Banks, Soup Kitchens, Children’s school milk programs etc. as well as supporting individuals in need with financial support. The strategy has involved introducing new games, including touchscreen bingo, to attract new players to the industry that has diminished in recent years, partly by the emergence of slots and the rollout of the provincewide smoking ban. That sum has been split between the 99 recipient charities, which have volunteers present during bingo games to promote their causes, said Shirley Petit, president of the Sarnia Bingo Country Charities Association. Now, one of the main reasons the bill should be delayed, and this seems to me very obvious, is the way in which the mining industry at the moment is being ground between two millstones.

bingo 1974

Mr. Minister, I’d be glad to vote on the motion right now if everybody would guarantee they would vote on the motion right now. But I believe there is a great deal of talking yet to be done before we get off this motion. One of the things that the Minister didn’t do in order to convince us that this bill ought to be read today, this week, this month, he didn’t give us very good revenue figures. He didn’t even know the difference in his own bill between gross value and net value. And he implied to us that some time he might explain that to us. But, his bill tells us what gross and net value is, and yet he says that what the bill says is not what he means. The Minister doesn’t know what he is talking about, Mr. Speaker. The industry went to $1 billion last year in British Columbia because of raised prices and because over the last generation in this province, there has been created the most skilful and dedicated group of mine finders and mine employees anywhere in the world. Member for West Vancouver–Howe Sound (Mr. L.A. Williams), some very wise words — words for the protection of the position of British Columbia in resource taxation. It is tremendously important and I’m glad that the Minister quoted that in his speech. They’ve done exactly the thing that they’re asking us to debate on in this House right now, as I mentioned in the Minister’s estimates. Half of the mining land in this province is already covered, and that’s a disgrace and it’s contempt of this House to promulgate that order-in-council before this debate took place. Your responsibility, Mr. Minister, is to maintain the industry so that we can get revenue for the people. I would expect you to tax it to the limit that you can, which would continue the industry, but these studies and all correspondence that I have show that your proposals are unworkable and in fact will destroy the industry in British Columbia. “Graph 2 depicts the unrealistic low-grade mine and shows that a royalty based on revenue alone fails to place any weight on production costs and ore grade which directly affects the cash flow and hence the life of the mine.” I wonder if the Minister has had consultation with that government and the officials of those departments when they were both making proposals related to the same resources. I wonder, Mr. Speaker, if he had consultation with Ontario, who signalled very clearly that they had this study going and were bringing down new proposals, or whether, as he suggests, he just blew right in because he knew what was needed.

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He caused us to lose the game — a very important game, a very important game. You may deny it now but I have been in this House when you have stated it. If he wishes to withdraw the statement now he will, but I was here when the Minister made that statement. If fortune smiles and the property becomes a mine, the most the prospector can hope for is 10 to 15 per cent of the profit after the debt has been repaid unless he contributes an important share of the ongoing costs of exploring and developing the mine after his initial discovery. Now we have seen and we have heard from that Minister that he used to call for a royal commission. But once he has got the power he isn’t interested in anybody else’s opinion. He is not interested in experts, which this government claims. Well, 120 per cent of 55 equals 66 cents, being 14 cents less than the 80 cents which was your net smelter returns, half of which equals seven cents, that’s the 50 per cent over and above the 120. I’m not questioning them on this proposition because this is the way of private business — make as much money as you can as fast as you can and forget about it. Would mine all the ore out as quickly as possible because they want to make as much money as possible. It must not be forgotten that mineral production is a one-shot deal. Once the ore leaves the ground it is gone forever, not only for ourselves but for all future generations. The 2.5 per cent and 5 per cent are the only figures that could leave a little bit more ore in the ground. But don’t think that ore is situated like a big egg, and in the middle there is a yolk and that they can go into the middle and take all of the good stuff. The finds they have — many times it is practically the same average all the way through. Necro Canada, a search engine specialized in obituary, daily updates the publication of notices of death, allowing increased visibility to an additional gateway to pay a final homage to the deceased or at least pay him a posthumous tribute. Please note that any personal information such as civic address, e-mail, phone number will be removed from your message of sympathy, in order to protect your private life.

Obituary: Norma Lee Wallace – Portland Press Herald – Press Herald

Obituary: Norma Lee Wallace – Portland Press Herald.

Posted: Thu, 18 Aug 2022 05:01:01 GMT [source]

The ministry implements a new CCRR Program Standards Manual as part of the Contract Service Agreement with the ministry. Like many others, the Encore Club has taken a very significant financial hit with no revenue coming in. The Club was not eligible for any government assistance because it has no employees, only volunteers. The Club relied on memberships, yard sales, rental income, the canteen sales, and special event bookings to keep going. There was no income from most of the aforementioned. Currently, for various reasons, the Club has very little rental income and is seeking to get the office spaces filled again. The canteen is open daily from 9-1 with a regular menu, all day breakfasts and a Daily Special; Take Out orders are available, or in-house dining can be enjoyed in the Friendship Lounge. This is run solely from donations to the Club from the community, which is the mainstream of the Club’s income. As a means of raising funds to support the needy of the parishes and the city, Council 6595 began holding Bingo games in the basement of St. Ann’s Catholic Church. As television became more popular the council decided to host weekly bingo games on the local TV station. Thus the beginning of today’s Bingo on Rogers TV each Thursday evening. Now, this has added a further dimension of uncertainly to an already faltering industry. I’ll quote further where the industry, the exploration and the interest in investment is declining, when in all other jurisdictions, social and responsibility, investment is increasing and so are revenues to people because their governments are meeting this situation with responsibility. Higher tax rates discourage resource production and reduce the amount of tax which the government is able to collect from the industry both in the short and in the long run. On the other hand, a tax rate which is too low will permit lots of mining activity which may well reduce the total taxes which the government is able to collect. Your party has said that minerals are a one-shot resource so it is essential that the government act now to obtain its share of the revenue. We have already seen that the supply of mineral resources is not non-renewable. It can be extended indefinitely so long as the incentive is provided to develop the technology to turn minerals into economic resources. We have certain products which we sell and there are certain products we have to buy.

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Thus, while nature creates the mineral endowment, man creates resources by finding a means whereby the mineral can be made useful. Once it is recognized that man creates the economic value which turns the minerals into resources, it can no longer be meaningfully argued that value belongs only to those who own the mineral but to those who not only seek it out but who develop the use and who develop the technology for use. All that the state provides is the opportunity to create economic value. We have seen minerals that have been in demand at certain times in our history become obsolete, and there’s no further use for them. The last 1973 provincial convention adopted no resolutions on mining. Now I would question then this Minister’s and his government’s motives in bringing in a tax of this type at this time, contrasting with the type of taxes that other jurisdictions of all political stripes have brought in and are bringing in in Canada, because…. I contrast this with Ontario who, in recognition of this market, has turned out quite an intensive study. This is the report of their advisory committee on some of the steps they took in establishing how they would collect more money for resources. I don’t believe that any one party has any more good intentions or any more right to say that they represent a more holy attitude on preserving the resources than any other. I believe that we all have the same attitude and the same concerns for our province. To this would be added $8 million in revenue from other minerals. Moreover, there is a provision for further reduction of 1 per cent in the basic royalty applicable when the concentrate is shipped to a smelter in the province. That’s 1 per cent they would get for smelting it within the province. Don’t forget that the price of metals is not governed by our country; they are usually governed by the world markets. When they rise quickly it’s a bonanza for the companies that are operating. All we’re asking is that we should share in that bonanza. Naturally, the story has been updated, since its star for the entire 19-year run, Bruno Gerussi , his sidekick/nemesis Robert Clothier , and Rae Brown have all passed on since the series end. Filmed on 35 mm to capture the beauty of the surroundings, the movie’s opening shot is a good ol’ BC Ferry sailing across the ocean, framed by the Coast Mountains, to Gibsons Landing. BC’s pristine landscape is as much a character in The New Beachcombers as Molly, Nick and Relic, who come to life through many misty-eyed references. One particular photo of the three displayed inside Molly’s Reach gets plenty of screen time. Nobody can fault the producers and writers for creating a sweet, sentimental, family-oriented, memory-twigging story about the next generation of townsfolk carrying out the legacy of their elders. Nor for invoking those elders as often as necessary for emotional and historical effect. Seniors Without Walls is a telephone-based recreation program in which seniors participate from the comfort of their homes. In January 2007, due to the cancellation March 31st 2007 of the federally funded Early Learning and Child Care Agreement,, there was a 37% cut in the operating budget of all provincial CCRR programs effective April 1st 2007. April 2006, the CCRR expanded their mandate to include a leadership role in assisting parents with the child care subsidy application procedure. CCRR Programs were also included in the provinces list of eligible guarantors. The website provided information links for both child care providers and parents. A problem facing the Red Barn and other charity bingo halls are limited resources for advertising. But the daily games or ‘sessions’ as those in the know call them, also help to raise funds for more than 40 local charities. It’s seen its up and downs, but the Red Barn bingo hall has been a constant presence in Oshawa’s community for more than half a century. The Berliner Journal began in December 29, 1859 by Frederick Rittinger and John Motz, and was located on Queen Street south, Kitchener. Motz remained editor until his death in 1899, at which time his son William acquired his father’s interest. When Rittinger died in 1915 his share was acquired by William D. Euler. The Record’s first staff photographer was Harry Huehnergard, who worked for the paper for 49 years before retiring in 1986 as Manager of the Photographic Department. Within two years, the ballet company, disappointed with low revenues, turned the bingo over to the Rotary Clubs of Manitoba, which ran it for about six months. This is the first time a group of photographs from the artist’s in-site 1971 intervention at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Chile will be shown. The exhibition will also present a selection of notebook sketches, drawings, and written statements, which go from proposals to potential sponsors to produce his works to more philosophical meditations on space and time. Just before the opening, at 6 pm, MAM presents a colloquium with the curators, Tatiana Cuevas and Gabriela Rangel; the artist’s widow, Jane Crawford; the critic and curator Lisette Lagnado; and Carmen Beuchat, dancer and close friend to the Matta-Clark couple.

It’s being ground between the millstone of Bill 31 on the one hand, which has technical defects, which I’ll talk about later, which would have the effect of a high rate of numerative tax on the mining industry, and between the millstones of the proposed federal government budget. For the amending motion for the six-month hoist to be properly understood we’re going to have to look at the effects of putting this legislation in now as opposed to putting this legislation in six months hence. We will start out with British Columbia which has proven reserves of 3.2 billion tons averaging .44 per cent copper — the lowest in the world, Mr. Minister, as you know. But our skilful miners are able to take out and make a profit to pay taxes on too, and pay more taxes if you levy them the right way. You might have a vendetta against the mining industry, but if they are in this loss position, there will be no money for increased wages. Those people who try to participate on wage level in equality with other wage groups and other workers in this province would be penalized by this Minister. “Federal resource profit abatement. It has been assumed that the 15 per cent federal resource profit abatement would be available in respect of the increase in income accessible to federal tax. “Where no earned depletion is available the overall effective rate exceeds 100 per cent when copper prices reach a point between 100 cents and $1.25 per pound, and continues to rise the higher the price of the metal climbs. But over and above, when I consider your wrong attempts, we have the federal government now moving into this area in concert with you. This creates a situation in which only the citizens of B.C. Will be the losers, because if this industry falters, even that industry that we have developing now, if some of it closes down, we will lose revenue and employment. Programmes that you and I would like to see continued, some of them that you’ve taken over, some of them that you’ve improved upon since you became government, will no longer be financially within the means of the people of British Columbia. Another argument that has been attributed to this Minister and this government is that ore bodies which companies are unwilling to develop within a reasonable time should revert to the people. If you leave these minerals in the ground, you are not providing one iota of benefit for the people of British Columbia. If that policy is continued by succeeding governments, if you are correct, then those minerals will never be harvested for the benefit of the people. “Mining companies are an excessive return on investment.” I don’t think so. Take the Canada Development Corporation and Gulf and Western Industries, both of which are highly diversified. They are reported to require a 15 per cent after-tax rate of return on investment because of the high risk. Not the province Not all the people of the province. Resources are created not by people in general but by specific people like technologists, the people who work to seek out and find and develop the technology, who create a use, who go out and create a market, mining the resource or the mineral economically. Field prior to major resource tax changes would be a mistake because the market price for those companies would be grossly inflated because of the wide range of tax holidays they presently enjoy. Any acquisition of corporations prior to substantial tax change would be a misallocation of public funds. Assuming that no change is made in the basic value due to inflation and rising labour costs, the prices would remain at the dollars. Your net smelter return is 80 cents; net value, alter adjust your transportation cost, will bring it down to 77 cents; basic value, that’s the assumed price, of 55 cents. At the time I brought the bill in, I took a basic price of 55 cents. The incremental royalty is the one that has bothered these people. When you take a feasibility of a mine and you come up with a cut-off price, the companies are not thinking that the price is going to escalate away out of sight. Now this is pretty small when you figure that copper is worth $1 a pound, the net smelter return is maybe 80 cents a pound. When you take 2.5 per cent of that, that is 2 cents a pound going back to the people. When we get to 5 per cent, 4 cents a pound will be going back to the people — 4 cents a pound out of $1 copper. Being MLAs, each and every one of you, it’s your job to look after the resources of the province.

  • Born in Vancouver, the suave Cameron Bancroft grew up watching The Beachcombers never thinking that he would one day make his acting debut there.
  • The papers shed light on the debate at the heart of government during a crisis that bears similarities to that facing current Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s cabinet.
  • If you are 19 years of age with a strong desire to help others and enjoy some great fellowship, then we are looking for you.
  • NSM are one of the biggest success stories in slot machine history.
  • Here’s the synopsis of their legislation brought down yesterday.

Applied to the total provincial production of $700 million — this is where they got their figures — this royalty would generate about $150 million on copper alone. The companies immediately said my figures were way out. Don’t forget that only 460 million pounds of copper will be produced under this bill because this bill only applies to Crown-owned mineral claims. This would generate a revenue of about $15 million in 1974 and about $22 million in 1975. Added to this would be royalty and other minerals with a net approximate total of $8 million. Added to this new cast of characters are some of the original motley crew reprising their roles. Jackson Davies, executive producer (as well as producer of Welcome Back, a Beachcombers documentary – see sidebar for details – airing Sunday at 7 p.m. on CBC), is the former Constable John Constable, now nearing retirement as Staff Sergeant John Constable. His screen moments are some of the quirkiest, and most sentimental. “If I had a choice they’d be here,” says Davies of his old friends Gerussi, Clothier and Brown. “But we’ve managed to keep them and the spirit of their relationship alive in the story.” Davies, who is by now a veteran of stage and screen, big and small, was a mere 24 years of age, married with two young children when he began with the Beachcombers in 1974. Today his children are grown and acted as stand-ins for two of the leads, as well as extras. The set is full of reunion and community stories just like this one. In fact, a number of producers, directors and actors cut their teeth on this show. Pat John and Charlene Aleck are back as Jessie and Sara, two of the most familiar faces from the series, all grown up. You might never know it today, but there was a time when the presence of First Nations actors playing First Nations roles was non-existent. Perhaps a little ahead of its time in the ’70s, The Beachcombers paved the way to provide some entertainment industry role models. Tina was born in Calgary on August 17th 1974 and moved to Saskatoon shortly after. Tina enjoyed going to bingo, the casino, camping, travelling at night and of course going live on Facebook. Her deepest passion was spending time with her children, grandchildren and family. Tina will be dearly missed for her kindness, generosity and willingness to always lend a helping hand. Tina’s home was always a safe place with an open door for the people she loved. In March 2006, the resource booklet the “Early Learning & Development Framework for 3 to 5 year olds” was created by the Preschool Partnership Sub Committee of School District # 23. The writers of this document included CCS, as well as other key Early Childhood Education consultants. The publication was distributed to child care providers and kindergarten teachers in our community. In the fall of 1991, the Society was renamed the “Kelowna Child Care Society,” and expanded its support and referral services to include group day care facilities and preschools. The new name incorporated a broader focus and range of services while retaining the same basic mandate of providing quality care for children. In 1989, Victoria announced a new Day Care Support Program to develop family day care referral services in 28 communities in B.C.

  • Services expanded also as Social Services contracted the Society in 1987 to conduct social assessments for licensed family day care homes.
  • In 1974, the Provincial Ministry of Human Resources approved funding so that a “first coordinator of family day care” could be hired.
  • All we’re asking is that we should share in that bonanza.
  • Mr. Speaker, God bless him, and I wish him luck because I think that the major return from these resource revenues should be for British Columbians.
  • The only statements we got were the rhetoric and the oft-repeated slogans that we have been ripped off by the giant corporations.
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