Great Canadian Gaming Announces the Reopening of Shorelines Casino Belleville

Now, after two months of another period of total lockdown for casinos, separate provinces have received the green light to reopen local gambling facilities, but for many parts of the country, the reopening date for casinos is still unclear. But now, more than 50 percent of Ontario adults have been fully vaccinated and the number of confirmed cases is below 200 each day. As a result, when the province moves to Stage 3 of its reopening plan on July 16, casinos can reopen to 50 per cent of its capacity as long as social distancing measures can be maintained. The property will offer slot machine play and will be restricted to a guest capacity of 50 for guests only from regions not in “stay at home orders”. Table games and food and beverage amenities will not be available at this time. Table games, along with food and beverage outlets in the casino, remained closed.

A Player may download any third-party authenticator application to their mobile device or desktop from Google Play or Apple’s App store, including but not limited to Google Authenticator, Duo Mobile or Microsoft Authenticator. By choosing to download, access or use a third-party application, the Player accepts and agrees that there may be additional terms and conditions governing this application and it is the Player’s responsibility to determine whether to accept and agree to such third-party terms and conditions. OLG shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages resulting from the download, access or use of the third-party application selected by the Player in accordance with Section 14.1 and 14.2 of this Agreement. Information that is submitted by an Intending Player who is registering an account with must be true, accurate and complete at the time it is provided to OLG and such information must remain true, accurate and complete following the registration of a Player Account. “Sports Betting Games Played Online” means Pay-to-Play Games made available through OLG’s online sports betting platform. Save picks to generate a barcode that can be scanned at an OLG lottery terminal to produce a ticket for purchase. is not responsible for any money loss or damage caused by relying on the information provided on the website.

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The client was not given the opportunity to put restrictions on the content or review it prior to publication. Marie received $327,408 in casino revenue last quarter, compared with about $357,000 per quarter pre-COVID and $209,527 during the first year of the pandemic. The company also says construction is continuing on its new casino in North Bay, slated to open in the new year. Marie and Sudbury locations are back to full capacity and most employees will be back at work soon.

However, he reminded that there are still many variables and uncertainties on the matter as there might be a new spike in the cases of the unprecedented situation or new obstacles in the vaccine process. Other Gateway casinos in the region — such as Sarnia, Point Edward, London, Chatham and Clinton — will also open Friday. However, he said “there will not be an alteration to staffing levels” at the casino. However, that decision was reversed a few days later as various parts of the province stepped up restrictions due to a new wave of coronavirus cases. Then, in November of 2020, Rama First Nation Chief Ted Williams said parties had agreed to prepare for a safe reopening. There is no timelime yet for a return of concerts and it’s unclear when the hotel and spa at the property will reopen. “We all pray that this painful time we’re living in passes, so we are able to return to work — to pay bills, to put bread and butter on our tables at home.” Tshweu Moleme, a UNIFOR union representative at the casino, said staff, who have faced multiple layoffs over the 22 months, are eager to get back to work. Businesses must continue to operate in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations and standards. Businesses must also ensure they operate in compliance with any rules in place in their municipality. Regulated businesses, including the requirement to wear a mask or face covering.

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