Lucky bingo players win $3M in Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo

The rural areas of Manitoba rely on Canada Post for the delivery of the tickets. The list of locations receiving the bingo tickets would also no longer be publicly issued. The extent of this bingo craze might be hard to grasp for the people unaffected by it. The Kinsmen Club of Winnipeg issued information that individuals have been calling their phone and accusing them of favoritism. The increased demand has left many locations without the coveted tickets, subsequently creating situations one could see on a Black Friday sale. Couriers delivering new batches of the tickets have been chased in Winnipeg, as players were in need of a ticket before their bingo peers. Retailers have reported flocks of players willing to reserve their spot in the next draw. Bingo cards will not be available in retail stores during Manitoba’s code red pandemic response, but continue to be sold online. Due to rising demand, cards will only be available in sets of two, four or eight for each game. We had a bit of a jackpot adjustment, and bumped it up an additional $100,000 this week!

Hence, the irritation of countless players in last week’s Kinsmen Jackpot game, worth $372,229. The bursary is administered by the Red River Exhibition Foundation Inc. and may be used for assistance with tuition fees, tools or learning aids in conjunction with their post-secondary education or training. The thrill of anticipation ahead of an important draw could not be compared to anything else. Many individuals interested in draw-based lottery, as well as the televised bingo game, could confirm this. This week has been a special one, as all eyes in Manitoba are set on the CA$640,000 jackpot coming with the Saturday draw. In a Thursday social media post organizers stated that there was the possibility of the February 1 jackpot being even higher than $640k pending verifying final sales numbers with stores in the coming weeks. As the jackpot ramped up in recent weeks, so too did excitement and card sales at local stores with approximately 80,000 sold across the province in each of the final weeks leading up to the recent big win.

Kinsmen Club of Winnipeg Bursaries

As a result of his initiative, a small group of like-minded men gathered for a dinner meeting on Feb. 20, 1920 and formed what became known as the Kinsmen Club of Hamilton – Canada’s first Kinsmen Club. Manitoba Gambling Laws for Online Gaming Canada online gambling laws are pretty straight forward. Only gaming activities authorized by provincial governments are considered legal, and only a few provinces have chosen to regulate such activities. Lotto Madness Lotto Madness Slots is a 5 reel, 20 payline progressive video slots game from Playtech. Lotto Madness is found in over 50 different English language online casinos, including famous brand… The first question from the LGCA was whether any additional footage of the game existed. CTV never bothered to record prior to the start of any game, or its aftermath. Robyn was one of the lucky people to get her hands on a ticket. Join our newsletter and we’ll keep you in the loop about all of our latest news, events and ways to get involved.

kinsmen bingo winnipeg

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