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In the spring of 2013 I had and International Studies class that provided additional inspiration. In class one day my professor played a video of the trial of some leaders being charged with war crimes, specifically rape, torture, and genocide. As I watched an American attorney questioning these men about the crimes they had perpetrated and successfully prosecuting them, it reaffirmed that practicing law was exactly what I wanted to do. From an early age, Colin was fascinated with sports and began playing competitively. Surprisingly, Collin excelled as a major league pitcher in high school, winning several scholarships and awards. In high school, he participated in baseball more frequently than football. The University at Nevada was the only college that provided football scholarships, though. It is much more difficult when you’re in the spotlight because people will evaluate you based on a single comment, which might ultimately destroy your career. Colin Kaepernick is one brave football player who has never stopped speaking up against injustice. Here, we’ll talk about his early years, age, professional background, personal life, and a lot more. A vibrant community of ICT developers and the development of ICT clusters in the capital region and western Romania have also started to show spill-overs in the high-tech and start-up scene. These trends are forcing Romanian companies to give more importance to ICT services, thereby opening up business opportunities for Canadian companies in a growing market with a lot of potential. Ireland has a strong financial services sector with particular strengths in the management of funds, insurance, and specialist finance, such as aviation leasing and asset finance. Total assets under management for Irish-administered funds now exceed €4 trillion. The Irish financial services industry is very well connected with the rest of the world, making it easy for Canadian financial institutions to enter the market. Germany is the largest consumer market in the EU and also has one of the largest ICT markets in the world.

Companhia Brasileira de Distribuiçao Netherlands B : Report of Foreign Private Issuer – Form 6-K –

Companhia Brasileira de Distribuiçao Netherlands B : Report of Foreign Private Issuer – Form 6-K.

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The Notary Foundation of BC has been supporting students enrolled in the Legal Studies program in the Criminology department at Douglas College since 2006 through their Bursary and Scholarship endowment funds. In 2016, The Notary Foundation of BC’s Applied Criminology Bursary endowment fund was created to recognize and reward students enrolled in their 3rd or 4th year of studies in the newly established Applied Criminology Degree program at Douglas. The Notary Foundation of BC has been supporting students in the areas of Legal Education, Legal Research and Law Libraries since 1985. This fund was created by the friends and family of George Williams to support students enrolled in the general nursing, resident care aid, home support attendant or therapeutic recreation programs who are, or will be, working with ALS patients. Students from the Terry Fox Secondary 2016 Legacy Club established this fund to help a local Syrian refugee in their age group pursue a post-secondary education at Douglas College. This bursary supports Syrian refugees who are enrolled in nine credits within any program at the College and who are in financial need. The PEO Chapter B Bursary was established in 1991 with the purpose of supporting female residents of New Westminster as they returned to post-secondary education after some time in the workforce or at home with their families. The Kinette Club of New Westminster Bursary was established in the same year with a similar purpose – to support female students entering the field of community service. In 2016, after the Kinette Club of New Westminster became inactive, these two funds were merged and continue to support female students at Douglas College. N. Nick Cheng BursaryNick Cheng established this bursary in 2008 to support students in financial need enrolled in any program at Douglas College. Nick, a financial advisor managing the Edward Jones branch in New Westminster, is deeply involved in his community, serving on many boards and is also a longtime Rotarian. This bursary was established in 2004 in honour of Jaime Tuningley, a student who worked in order to overcome significant personal difficulties. The bursary is awarded annually and is designed to assist part-time students (enrolled in nine credits or fewer, in any program – who demonstrate financial need. Preference will be given to students with a referral from The Elizabeth Fry Society. Brian McLennon, Douglas College Athletics Manager, established this bursary in 2014. Brian is a Douglas College alumnus who came to Douglas as a mature student and was honoured to receive support during his time here. He believes strongly in education and in the skills students acquire from being part of an athletic team. The McLennon Family Athletic Bursary supports student athletes at Douglas who have financial need, with preference to mature students . This bursary, established in 2000, recognizes and rewards students enrolled in any program within the Faculty of Child, Family & Community Studies who participate in volunteer activities within Douglas College or their community. As trendsetters in the industry, Compass takes pride in providing the highest quality food service to the Douglas College educational community. The Sport Science Undergraduate Council Learning Opportunities Award was established, in 2009, by the Sport Science Faculty through a donation of Prior Learning and Assessment Recognition fees and Student Council fundraising. This monetary award is given to a student who identifies as Aboriginal and who shares a passion for sport and physical activity. The Dave Seaweed Award of Distinction was created in 2015 by Dave Seaweed, the Aboriginal Student Services Coordinator at Douglas College. Dave’s first post-secondary Diploma was in Sport Science and his first job at Douglas College was running intramurals while working with student-athletes. Even in his current role at the College he continues to work with these departments and stays active in the community as a referee and coach for basketball. Dave decided to combine all of his passions and create an award that supports Indigenous students, Student Athletes, and either the Sport Science Diploma or Bachelor of Physical Education and Coaching Degree programs. A minimum of $500 will be award to the winner , with a maximum of three winners per award cycle.Download the application form. The John Krushelniski Award of Distinction was created in 2006 in memory of John Krushelniski. This memorial award recognizes his work with Forensics, Corrections and Psychiatric Nursing and his quiet, compassionate and caring nature.

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The foundation has also donated bicycles to the Vancouver City Police and Burnaby RCMP. This bursary is for a student in the General Nursing program. Charlene was a public health nurse and Gordon a real estate developer who was keenly aware of the aging population. They created this bursary to encourage students to go into Nursing, or any other health service field, in order to help the elderly. The Bonnie Cart Memorial Bursary was established in 2012 by Bonnie’s family to honour her memory and support nursing students at Douglas College. As a nursing student in 1974, she was named “best bedside nurse” at the Vancouver General Hospital School of Nursing. She was an outstanding role model and mentor to practicing nurses and novice nurses alike and is greatly missed by her family and friends. The Douglas College Health Sciences Department established this fund in 1989 to support students enrolled in Health Sciences programs at Douglas College. The Woody’s Trivia Players Bursary and the French Quarter Trivia Players Bursary were established by Trivia Teams from Woody’s Pub and the French Quarter Pub in Coquitlam. Each bursary was designed to support students in financial need who graduated from School District #43. In 2012, the two funds merged, and the new Woody’s Trivia Players Bursary continues to support graduates of School District #43 enrolled in any program at Douglas College. The family of Toni and Ted Mullins, along with support from the members of the Rotary Club of New Westminster, established this bursary fund to support students who have completed at least one semester at Douglas College. This bursary supports students enrolled in any program with a preference for students with dependents and/or students enrolled in the Hospitality Management Program. Laughing Dog Adult Basic Education BursaryIn 2001, Roy Daykin and Linda Fulkerson established the Laughing Dog Adult Basic Education Award to support students at Douglas College who were enrolled in the Adult Basic Education program. Roy is a former Douglas College employee and a former Douglas College Foundation Board member as well as a Douglas College Alumnus and is still actively employed in the BC post-secondary sector. The D. H. Radstaak Memorial Bursary was established in 1985 by Don Radstaak who was a former Adult Basic Education instructor at Douglas College. H. Radstaak Memorial Bursary was merged with the Laughing Dog Adult Basic Education Award. This new merge fund continued to support students furthering their studies by taking English as a Second Language, English-Upgrading and Math-Upgrading courses at Douglas College. In 2016, Roy agreed to change the Award to a Bursary to lower the GPA requirement and altered the enrollment criteria to support students in any program or Faculty taking either an English or Math Upgrading course. The Gail Smythe Memorial Bursary was established in 1989 by family and friends to honour Gail’s memory and her commitment to adult basic education at Douglas College. A reading specialist, Gail was widely recognized as a pioneer in the fields of adult literacy, adult education and primary education.

  • Additional information will be made available to students from their program before the beginning of the Winter term.
  • KCSFE scholarships are not limited to the Korean Canadian students, but open to all high school and post‐secondary students in Northern Alberta.
  • This award rewards and recognizes student athletes on either the Douglas College Royals Men’s or Women’s soccer team.

Many of us have backgrounds in education or have worked in the industry for more than ten years. Footnote 7Before January 1, 2019, if a non-EU company had an obligation to register for VAT for other services subject to local VAT in the EU country, the MOSS scheme could not be applied for TBE services. This means that the service provider had to register in every country where the customers were located. However, the service provider may still have to register for locally supplied services other than TBE services. As a NATO member, Poland is one of the few countries that continues to meet its commitment to spend at least 2% of GDP on defence and will gradually increase annual defence spending to 2.5% by 2030. As a result of CETA as well as Canada being a NATO ally with its industry having adopted relevant NATO standards, the Canadian security and defence industry is in a good position to capitalize on this situation. The Energiewende, together with the government’s aggressive investment in infrastructure modernization, has resulted in positive growth rates of the German building and construction industry over recent years, which saw a new high in 2018. Particularly in fields such as energy efficiency, renewable energies, construction, maintenance and repair, Canadian services can provide valuable contributions. The Internet-based sharing economy and its platforms are trending in France with 60% of Internet users using it. Another growing trend for e-merchants is the use of marketplaces, which now account for 9% of online purchasing. B2C (business-to-consumer) shopping abroad is also becoming more popular; there is a growing share of cross-border online purchases. The United Kingdom is a highly sophisticated market with strong demand for services that improve productivity. There is great demand for a range of services related to ICT, aerospace, defence and security. Below, several country profiles illustrate business opportunities for Canadian companies in certain key EU Member States, plus the UK. Please note that this is a non-exhaustive list that only depicts certain trends. The EP gives its consent to international agreements, including trade agreements, negotiated by the European Commission. The European Economic Area is an international agreement that allows access to the EU Single Market to be extended to non-EU members. EEA member countries are obliged to implement EU Single Market rules although they cannot participate in the drafting of those rules, which is the competence only of full EU Member States. Member states have some discretion on how they implement EU directives into national law. Border officials in EU countries may ask for other supporting documents such as an invitation letter, proof of lodging, return ticket, etc. For the precise requirements, again, you are advised to contact the embassies or consulates of the EU country in question. As of 2022, Canadian citizens will have toapply for an ETIAS travel authorizationprior to their travel to Europe, in order to be allowed to enter the territory. ETIAS will apply to all nationals from visa-exempt countries wishing to enter the EU. For each application, applicants will be required to pay a travel authorization fee of €7. Note that the EU Public Procurement Directives also allow government authorities to require bidders to fulfill certain environmental and social criteria, as well as to take into account certain innovation factors before awarding public contracts. Green and innovative companies will have increased chances of winning contracts. Annex 19-3 lists other covered entities, such as utilities providers in the fields of water, energy, transport and postal services. These directives contain provisions on contracting procedures, selection and award criteria, advertising and transparency. Canadian companies bidding on contracts in the EU are required to follow the same rules as European bidders. Under the Directive, all EU countries have similar measures available for IP rights holders to defend their IP rights. IP rights can be defended by asking customs to seize goods suspected of infringing any IP. In order to do so, an “application for action” must be filed with the relevant customs department.

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Centaur Products Inc. has been providing quality sports surfacing, spectator seating, scoreboards, electronic message displays and gymnasium equipment to the Canadian athletic community since 1973. They established the Centaur Products Sports Award of Distinction, in 1994, in recognition of its status as a supplier of equipment and flooring to Douglas College. The purpose of this award is to recognize and reward student athletes playing for any Douglas College Athletics team where the season spans 2 semesters. The Canstar Restorations Award was established by company president, Jay Dargatz, in 2013 to support students in the Faculty of Child, Family and Community Studies at Douglas College. Recipients must demonstrate financial need, with preference to students who volunteer in the community. Canstar Restorations was established in 1985 by Dargatz, a Douglas alumni and graduate of the Construction Management program. Canstar is committed to excellence and providing clients with “peace of mind”, and has partnered with the Foundation to extend this commitment to students in need at Douglas College. I think you should write your journey chronologically, beginning the moment you decided to leave your abusive husband and ending the moment you decided to go to law school. I’d urge you to leave out everything else, including your beliefs about the importance of human rights. Although I don’t doubt your sincerity, your essay is most compelling when you write about yourself. Anyone can write sentences like, “It is critical to have established laws to maintain order and provide guidance not only domestically but internationally.” Only you can tell your story. Saskatchewan Polytechnic offers student awards for every certificate and diploma program at every campus. Not all student awards are based on marks – some are based on financial need or things like community or volunteer involvement. Saskatchewan’s hospitality industry supports Saskatchewan Polytechnic students by providing scholarships, guest lecturers and work experiences. Industry input ensures your education is relevant, such as training on up-to-date POS systems and leading front office software . If you’re looking for a career in management, look to the hospitality industry. There are opportunities in hotels, restaurants, convention centres, resorts, casinos, private clubs, golf courses and retirement communities. Saratoga Casino and Raceway established this scholarship to coincide with the inaugural class of students in SCCC’s Casino and Gaming Management program. Awards will be given for the first time at the May 22, 2014, Honors Convocation. The Korean Canadian Scholarship Foundation of Edmonton provides scholarships to foster the education and the growth of future leaders of Alberta communities. KCSFE scholarships are not limited to the Korean Canadian students, but open to all high school and post‐secondary students in Northern Alberta. Gambling facilities are amongst the world’s leading tourism attractions yet most employees work in the non-gaming departments. So gaming industry knowledge is an asset not only in direct gaming industry positions but also in many related private and public sector careers. This course therefore details gaming’s history and its roles in hospitality and tourism by analyzing gaming’s development, operations and impacts in and outside of Canada.

  • The PEO Chapter B Bursary was established in 1991 with the purpose of supporting female residents of New Westminster as they returned to post-secondary education after some time in the workforce or at home with their families.
  • The PSI sector is recognized as one of the fastest growing fields in the world.
  • Under her leadership, newspaper staff and community volunteers hosted several It’s All About Women Weekends and used the funds raised to create this bursary in memory of Frank.
  • This monetary award is given to a student or students who demonstrate a high level of academic achievement and practical experience in sport science and athletics.

George Porges established this prize in 2002 after teaching History at Douglas College from 1970 until his retirement in 1989. The purpose of this fund is to support students in their pursuit of history and the lessons one can learn from studying history. George passed away in 2004, at the age of 83, followed shortly there after by Mary, his wife of 50 years, in 2006. Eligible Students must have completed at least four History courses at Douglas College, two or more at the 2000 level, or higher, with an average grade of A- in all History courses completed. At least one of these courses must have been completed in the previous calendar year. Berkey Award in AnthropologyTo be awarded to a Douglas College student in the Anthropology Program. Preference will be given to Anthropology students who have completed, or are enrolled in at least one course in Archaeology at Douglas College. The award winner will have a minimum GPA of 3.0, and will have a demonstrated financial need. A limited number of graduation awards are given in recognition of graduating students who have achieved a record of academic excellence at Douglas College. The Community Builder Prize was established by Douglas College Foundation in 2016, using surplus funds made possible by the Envision Financial Douglas College Community Building Program. The purpose of the Community Builder Prize is to recognize both an individual students and group participants who demonstrate the ability to build community through initiatives or projects. The Good Noise Vancouver Gospel Choir Voice Entrance Award was established, in 2015, by the Good Noise Vancouver Gospel Choir. The purpose of this entrance award is to support recent high school graduates enrolling in the Douglas College Music Diploma program, with a focus on studying Voice. The Douglas International Student-Athlete of the Year was established by the Douglas College Athletics department though a generous donation by Douglas International. The purpose of the fund is to recognize international student-athletes who demonstrate exceptional athletic performance. The Douglas College Rugby Award was created, in 1994, by the United Rugby Club. The purpose of this award is to support students at Douglas College who play rugby and it was a wish that there be two awards distributed each year; one to a female athlete and a second to a male athlete. You may be eligible to transfer credit to Sask Polytech or to another college or university. You will learn to apply operational techniques in the hospitality industry. You will develop skills in room forecasting, rooms division budgeting, pro-forma and labour cost controls, night audit procedures, statistical reports and financial analysis. You will explore the fundamental principles of marketing as they relate to the tourism and hospitality industry. You will learn how sound marketing management can improve profitability and improve operational effectiveness and efficiency. You will focus on the fundamental principles and concepts related to the field of management. The major components of management including controlling, leading, organizing, planning and staffing will be covered.

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New from Evolution Gaming, Crazy Time Live How to Play the All New Live Crazy Time Game Show from Evolution Evolution Gaming, the award-winning creator of the world’s most celebrated live casino games, is still at… If all approvals are met, Durham Live would become one of the biggest casinos in Canada; a miniature version of the Vegas Strip just outside of Toronto. Supporters of the project hope to see it become a top tourist hub in the Greater Toronto Area. There’s still no word from Ontario Gaming GTA as to when construction of the massive entertainment and retail centre might be complete and open for business. Pickering Mayor Dave Ryan expressed his confidence last year that Durham Live will be an economic boon for the city, with or without a casino within its massive walls. “This isn’t just about a casino, it’s about a range of employment and tourism opportunities in an entertainment node that will benefit all of the region,” he said. However, the city as a whole must still decide whether the new entertainment complex should include a casino. For example, you might tell an anecdote in paragraph three about how you worked with a lawyer who impressed you.

College Factual provides higher-education, college and university, degree, program, career, salary, and other helpful information to students, faculty, institutions, and other internet audiences. Inclusion on this website does not imply or represent a direct relationship with the company, school, or brand. Information, though believed correct at time of publication, may not be correct, and no warranty is provided. The displayed options may include sponsored or recommended results, not necessarily based on your preferences. This award was established by Henry Waack, a founding faculty member of the department who retired in 1993. Preference is given to very promising students with an excellent record in the performing and academic parts of the program. A candidate must be enrolled in a minimum of 11 credits in the Basic Musicianship or University Transfer Music program, including all the core Music courses for which he or she is eligible. The scholarship must be applied toward further music studies at Douglas College.No application required; selection is made by Music faculty. Notaries ScholarshipThe Notary Foundation of BC was established 1985 and is the recipient of the interest paid by BC credit unions, Canadian chartered banks and trust companies when clients’ funds are held in trust by a BC Notary Public. The Notary Foundation receives and distributes these funds earned each year in accordance with the goals and objectives set by the Board of Governors. One way they use the funds is to provide scholarships and bursaries to students in colleges and universities taking certain law-related courses. In 2006, The Notary Foundation established The Notary Foundation and BC Notaries Scholarship at Douglas College to recognize and reward students enrolled in the Legal Studies Diploma program. In 2016, the criteria was expanded to include students enrolled in Criminology programs. Rhoda Friedrichs, who held a PhD in History from Columbia University, became a Douglas College faculty member in 1989 and acted as Chair of the History Department for many years. In addition to being an inspiring teacher and valued colleague, Rhoda was a productive scholar who presented numerous conference papers and published a series of articles on the history of late medieval England. In 2015, Rhoda was posthumously awarded the designation of faculty emeritus in recognition of her scholarship, her teaching and her contributions to the College community. The Rhoda Friedrichs Memorial Bursary endowment fund was created in 2019 to support students at Douglas College facing financial barriers to their education. Students from any program may qualify for this bursary but preference is given to students who are enrolled in at least one History course at the time of selection. The Sharon Moore & Matthew McReady Memorial Award was established by Ken Moore, former Douglas College instructor, in memory of his daughter and his grandson in 1992. The award was created with a purpose of supporting students in any program who have financial need, with preference given to those returning to school after time away and who may have been engaged with distance or correspondence learning. In 2012, Ken Moore passed away and the award was renamed to honour his memory alongside that of Sharon and Matthew. In 2013, Tracy Price renewed the award for two years, renamed it the RBC Dominion Securities Community Investment Award and was joined in her commitment by Steven Kamachi, Branch Manager at RBC Dominion Securities in New Westminster. They share a passion for supporting the local community and post-secondary education. Preference is given to students that demonstrate financial need, and with volunteer experience at non-profit organizations. Peter Legge is an award-winning business leader and an internationally-renowned motivational speaker at the helm of the largest independently owned magazine company in Western Canada. Preference is given to students with financial need, and that participate in volunteer activities. The Chi Epsilon Alumnae of the Alpha Iota Sorority created this fund in memory of Jean Lownds Andrew.

The Vancouver Whitecaps FC wished to support the event, women’s soccer and the community by creating a fund that recognized a Douglas College student athlete on the women’s soccer team who had made exceptional contributions to the community. This award was previously called the Coach Frick Wheelchair Basketball Award of Distinction. In 2016, Coach Frick teamed up with Rick Hansen to re-establish the fund with a purpose of recognizing student athletes who have been identified as difference makers. A difference maker is someone whose leadership inspires others to take action and who is passionate about using their spirit to ignite the talent of others. The energy of a difference maker empowers others to believe in their own potential, and removes the barriers of society to create a more inclusive world, as has been demonstrated by the work of Tim Frick and Rick Hansen. Advisory Council agreed to support Vocational Education and Skills Training, or VEST , graduates who have barriers to education – diagnosed or undiagnosed. The purpose of this fund is to aid VEST graduates with the transition between school and employment by assisting with related costs, such as, work attire, transportation to interview sites, etc. Sorenson Communications works to provide the highest-quality communication products and services to all deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals and they are proud to support future sign language interpreters studying at Douglas College. BC’s Honorary Consul General of Uganda, John Halani, created this award in 2016 to recognize and reward individuals participating in the Global Affairs Canada IYIP, Douglas College Uganda Project through two essay prizes valued at $500 each. Mr. Halani has supported the Douglas College Uganda Program since its inception in 2005. This award has been established to recognize the considerable contribution that Beverley Miller has made to the Faculty of Child, Family and Community Studies and to Douglas College as a whole.

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In addition to lectures, videos and a possible field trip, speakers provide information otherwise unavailable. With over 19 different casino management degree programs to choose from, finding the best fit for you can be a challenge. We have analyzed all of these schools to come up with hundreds of unbiased casino management school rankings to help you with this. A major in casino management prepares you for careers in which monitoring/assessing performance of yourself, other individuals, or organizations to make improvements or take corrective action is crucial. An addendum to orders and this decision to keep reading this is still apply to weigh them and i got c grades during the program in? The school with low gpa when does require them to all programs to answer a very nurturing group of class name, your academic semesters as. The country is also Europe’s leading service provider in ocean freight, which is not surprising as its economy largely depends upon exports.

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In principle, programs for computers are also excluded from patentability, since program listings are considered more appropriately protected by copyright. However, you could patent a computer program if it has a “technical character”, e.g. involving the control of a technical process or of the internal functioning of the computer itself or its interfaces. As a result, there may be services that meet the strict definition of an invention but that are excluded for other reasons. If you are seeking protection in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg , you may apply to a regional authority known as the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property . If you have invested in the creation of an electronic database, you can prevent the unauthorized retrieval or reuse of its contents. Like with other literary works, the rights-holder can authorize or prohibit the reproduction, distribution, translation or alteration of the computer program. That being said, companies less than three years old with an annual turnover of under €10 million and a monthly audience of under five million will be exempt from these enhanced monitoring obligations. The EU and its Member States adhere to major intellectual property agreements administered by the World Intellectual Property Organization and to the WTO TRIPS Agreement. The EU itself has adopted a range of legislation aimed at protecting IPR against infringing or unlawful use. When you are a producer or exporter of services, one of your priorities will be ensuring that your inventions or creations are not used in a way that unduly diminishes their commercial value. MRAs facilitate the international recognition of professions and qualifications and avoid the need to undertake a full verification procedure by the competent national regulatory authorities. As a Canadian professional, you need to consider whether you need to apply for a formal recognition of your profession, you professional title or your qualifications in Europe. If you fulfill at leas one of the three criteria below, then you must apply for formal recognition. Instruments known as packaged retail investment and insurance-based investment products make up a market in Europe worth up to €10 trillion. Financial institutions also must disclose certain short selling transactions to banking supervisory authorities, while larger transactions above a certain threshold must be publicly disclosed to the markets. Originators, sponsors and securitization special purpose entities are required to disclose detailed information, including loan level data, all transaction documents and prospectuses. These rules apply not only for products purchased via intermediaries (e.g. agents or brokers), but also those bought directly from an insurance company. Insurance companies must have in place a transparent and satisfactory governance framework, with the capacity to carry out their own risk management, compliance checks and internal audits. More information on the status of third-country CRAs is provided on the ESMA website. If you are a bank with its head office outside the EU but you operate a branch established in the EU, Member States must check whether or not your bank has depositor protection equivalent to the EU scheme.

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In 2015, this award was expanded to include all student athletes although keeping a preference to members of the Men’s Basketball team. Katy Cole-McGilligan is a local athlete who demonstrates courage, strength of character and a passion for sports and was a strong student. The award is presented to student athletes who demonstrate similar characteristics. Students must demonstrate a commitment to their community through volunteer work; with a preference given to residents of Port Moody and the Tri-Cities. At Universidad Católica del Uruguay, I studied Uruguayan financial regulation and economics, but I’ll need to study in the US before I can fully understand American financial regulations. I plan to use what I learn in America to make my country’s markets more stable and fair. I know it won’t be easy, but my investing experience has taught me to temper big dreams with modest expectations. Have fewer than two KCSFE scholarships awarded during high school or during university/college (as a university/college student). Casino Management careers are expected to grow 3.8% between 2016 and 2026. The education level required is different depending on the casino management career you are seeking. In addition, he graduated from John H. A. Pitman High School with a 4.0 GPA. He was the most valuable football player in the Central California Conference. Colin started his career early as a result, doing so while still a Nevada College student and playing professionally. Reply but require competitive as physician assistant school requirements of applications are low gpas if rit, you continue on long it. These requirements of physician assistant education for any other aspect of your low undergraduate coursework in the following courses? Our already covered under very beneficial if you looking for the outer edge of applicants have a low because she touched base with words. The continued Polish infrastructure development program includes improving Internet access, developing smart cities and encouraging companies to conduct research and development in Poland. In part driven by these investments, digital technologies are a growing sector in Poland. There is a strong demand for IT solutions to support advanced manufacturing, smart cities, the Internet of Things, cloud computing and cybersecurity, all of which offer potential for Canadian exporters. Poland’s largest services imports are commercial services, with other business services, travel and transport following at a significant distance and all being similar in size . Canadian commercial service exporters will thus find many opportunities in the Polish market. Spain is one of the European countries where the services sector has grown the most, together with Croatia and Portugal. After the collapse of the housing bubble and financial crisis, Spain has experienced a boom of its tourism sector and a related shift toward a service economy. Sweden’s commitment to sustainability across industry sectors drives market demand for services in the fields of renewable energy, green technology and energy efficiency. The demand for advanced technologies and services particularly includes those improving productivity, e.g. Driven by widespread adoption of smart devices, Sweden’s Internet economy is growing by more than 10% annually and represents about 8% of total GDP, making it an interesting market for Canadian companies. Services account for more than 70.3% of Dutch national revenue and employ 81.4% of the workforce. The services sector is focused mainly on transportation, distribution, logistics, banking and insurance, water engineering, software development, the creative industry and new technologies (e.g. clean tech). With 5,000 companies and 400,000 jobs, France is a heavy-hitter in the European aerospace and defence industry, making up over 25% of European capabilities. Increasing European cooperation promises a positive future for this sector and Canadian service providers in the maintenance and repair sector can benefit from this. The EU Single Market, also referred to as the internal market, facilitates the movement of people, capital, goods and services across the EU through harmonized rules and standards. Canadian companies active in the defence and military services domain are encouraged to visit the Business page of the NSPA website for opportunities on telecoms, cybersecurity, encryption and other defence-related ICT services. Canadian companies are encouraged to register with TED to learn about government procurement opportunities. Most contract notices are available in English and in the national language of the member state, but the full tender documents are often available only in the national language. The GPA sets out general principles and rules ensuring open, fair and transparent conditions of competition in covered government procurement markets. Canada and the EU Member States are parties to the revised GPA, which came into force in 2014. The revised GPA provides Canadian suppliers with guaranteed access to opportunities in the EU’s government procurement markets, primarily for procurements by central government entities, along with some sub-central procurements . If you want protection in only one EU member state, it makes sense to submit an application directly to the competent national intellectual property office.

Each year we offer a variety of experiential learning trip opportunities for students to study abroad. Our annual short duration experiential trips in May are approximately two weeks in length. Mequon Frechette is pursuing a degree in Business Administration while working full time for the Menominee Tribe at Maehnowesekiyah Wellness Center, a drug and alcohol rehab center located on the reservation. Mequon grew up in the reservation community of Keshena, attending the nearby Shawano Community High School where he excelled in football, basketball and baseball. The Spirit of Sovereignty scholarship is the first support Mequon has received in pursuit of his educational dreams. Facing addiction, debilitating depression and illness, Rose Ramsey found that education was the key to her survival. The Native American Studies student is working toward becoming a suicide prevention worker and inspirational speaker, hoping to use her story of resilience to instill hope in others who are struggling. “I have rebuilt my life, and set a goal and am working towards that goal to complete graduation. Never in a million years would I have thought back then that I could go back to school.” Ramsey used the Spirit of Sovereignty scholarship funds to help with living costs while attending Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa Community College in Wisconsin. Monica Weninger is majoring in Native American Studies, Education and Human Services at Sitting Bull College. As a classroom educator she has learned how to teach as part of a team, manage large groups of students and prepare activities for kids of all ages. What she also knows is how eager her students are to learn about their culture, language and traditions. Her goal is to teach high school students about the Oceti Sakowin and Essential Understandings, and she wants to be able to pass along the Lakota language as effectively as possible. “I grew up in a school system where there was no Native American history being taught at all,” she said. The goal of the project is to not only fund the pantries but to have an ongoing service project for our club members. We will be ordering supplies, shopping, helping to set up the pantry at Voyager, and assist in filling backpacks (or grocery bags during COVID-19). At this time we are only able to shop for the food and pick up from Farmer Frog. We are also going to solicit manufacturers for donations of food items and do a social media campaign for donations to support the program. The John L. Rubel Scholarship is awarded to two Osage students attending Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology in Okmulgee, Oklahoma, or Tri-County Technology Center in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

  • This includes covered contracts from local hospitals, schools, regional governments and utilities in all EU Member States.
  • The D.H. Radstaak Memorial Bursary was established in 1985 by Don Radstaak who was a former Adult Basic Education instructor at Douglas College.
  • At this time food is distributed weekly in paper bags to the families who pick up the bags from the school.
  • Nearly 12 years ago, after separating from my husband, I started to pursue my goal of obtaining a college degree.
  • This bursary, established in 2000, recognizes and rewards students enrolled in any program within the Faculty of Child, Family & Community Studies who participate in volunteer activities within Douglas College or their community.

You will be introduced to the different management styles and skills necessary for success in business today. The course provides an introduction to analyzing and interpreting financial statements for management decision making. You will acquire financial management skills related to the successful management of a small business or department of a larger business. Applicants to programs with multiple intakes in an academic year remain in the application pool until the last intake for that academic year has begun. Programs using the FQFA process receive applications year round and maintain an application pool for each academic year. Qualified applicants who are not offered a seat must reapply for the next academic year. If the program applied to has specific course requirements, they may be met through alternative post-secondary courses. Review already approved courses that may be used for admission purposes for your programs. Some programs allow applicants to meet the admission grade level requirement using 15 approved post-secondary credits. When you graduate, you’ll already have six weeks of practical work experience in various areas of the hospitality industry including front office, housekeeping and other areas chosen specifically by the student as their after graduation focus. You’ll need energy, enthusiasm and good people skills—Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s Hotel and Restaurant Management program will give you the industry knowledge and management skills. Join the growing network of Saskatchewan Polytechnic alumni making their mark in leadership positions. Although there have been calls from some mental health professionals to recognize computer game addiction as a “real” disorder, it has not been granted official diagnostic status. As more research on the effects of excessive gaming is conducted, many believe that it is only a matter of time before computer game addiction is classified as a compulsive behavior similar to gambling addiction. “Students will walk away prepared to perform all aspects of casino operations.” This mindset builds a stronger and healthier environment that benefits everyone. The KCSFE believes in, and advocates for, EDI for everyone and this will be taken in consideration during the evaluation process for all applicants based on the individual merits of their applications. His hits with the band included “La quiero a morir”, “Juliana”, “No Morirá”, “Volveré”, “Todo mi corazón”, and a remake of Ricardo Montaner’s original classic “Me va a extrañar”. In 2000, he split up with DLG and since had a solo career which, though commercially successful. For his first solo album he was awarded “Best New Artist” by Billboard magazine, and received a Grammy nomination. In Billboard’s Tropical Songs chart, the single “Te amaré” had moved from the number 9 song to number 4. “Huey Dunbar IV”, debuted on the Tropical Albums chart at Number 2 on March 20, 2010. The Centennial School Council is a collective association of parents and Centennial School representatives who work together to effectively support and enhance student learning at Centennial. As a parent of a Centennial student, you are a member of the Centennial School Council and your voice is important. All School Council meetings are open, and all parents are invited to attend and participate. It is a wonderful opportunity to; hear about what is happening at Centennial, including upcoming initiatives, changes and projects, and consult with/provide advice to Centennial representatives. At Centennial Elementary, we believe that parent involvement is a critical factor in children’s educational success. Our parents are active partners in education, whether they assist in the classroom, participate in the School Council, or act as at home support. If you are interested in sharing your talents and time with us, please email Salaries for casino management graduates can vary widely by the occupation you choose as well. The following table shows the top highest paying careers casino management grads often go into. The following options are some of the most in-demand careers related to casino management. This ongoing fundraiser allows members to support the GPA, the GATE program, their students, and our GATE teachers. Shop for things you buy anyway, and earn funds to help enhance the GATE program. Because Microsoft has such a large share of the market for PCs and have been able to set the standard for applications and platforms so has the PC world today a substantial lead in the development towards handhelds and mobile devices.

  • The ATA Carnet allows the temporary importation of goods, free from customs duties and taxes.
  • They contribute to and benefit from the social security system of their host country.
  • Berkey Award in AnthropologyTo be awarded to a Douglas College student in the Anthropology Program.
  • The Norm and Larissa Streu Award, established in 2014, supports and recognizes students with financial need who are enrolled in in any program of study at Douglas College.
  • The CKNW Orphans’ Fund established this endowment in honour of Erm Fiorillo, a long time employee of CKNW.

The Notary Foundation of BC was established 1985 and is the recipient of the interest paid by BC credit unions, Canadian chartered banks and trust companies when clients’ funds are held in trust by a BC Notary Public. In 2006, The Notary Foundation established The Notary Foundation and BC Notaries Bursary at Douglas College to support students enrolled in the Legal Studies Diploma program. In 2015, the criteria was expanded to include students enrolled in Criminology programs. Long-time residents of New Westminster, the Baker, MacGrotty and Baker-MacGrotty family has contributed to the development and success of a number of community organizations within the city and Metro Vancouver. Karen Baker-MacGrotty established this fund in 2008 to recognize Douglas College students who show commitment to their community and initiative in their volunteer activities. In 2012, the fund was expanded to involve the legacy of Baker and MacGrotty family members and enhanced to pay tribute to the service of the members and families of The Royal Westminster Regiment. Nikon Optical Canada began supporting students enrolled in the Optician program at Douglas College in 2006. In 2011, they created the Nikon Optical Canada Award of Distinction to recognize and reward students enrolled in their 2nd year of the program who demonstrated academic excellence. In 2016, they chose to expand the eligibility criteria by including international students. The Laura C. Muir Performing Arts Award of Distinction was established in her memory, in 2007, by her family. Laura was an avid patron of the arts who participated in numerous theatre productions in her community over the years. The Stewart Graham Memorial International Volunteer Award of Distinction was established by an estate gift from Stewart Graham in 1997. Stewart Graham worked with the Department of Education in the 1960s and 1970s when colleges were being established and is considered one of the educational architects of Douglas College. The award supported Douglas College students who were engaged in any Douglas College approved international volunteer program. The Coca-Cola Bursary was established by Coca-Cola in 2001 to support students enrolled in any program of study at Douglas College. Coca-Cola works to refresh the world, inspire moments of optimism, create value and make a difference. The two funds were merged in 2016 and became the Coca-Cola & Stewart Graham International Volunteer Award of Distinction. The award continues to support Douglas College students in any program of study who are engaged in an international volunteer program, including unpaid service learning, practicum or internship placements. This fund was established by Ron Little, owner and general manager of the Coquitlam Inn. Preference is given to students in the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration. In 2013, Amber Callaghan established the Cheryl Hagan Memorial Award to honour her mother and to assist students in the social services fields at Douglas College. Cheryl began working for Douglas College in 1994 and used her expertise as an employment, career and rehabilitation counselor to deliver, develop and manage award winning programs that helped people transition into the labour market. Cheryl served as an exemplary role model and was always the first to help those in need, both professionally and personally. She will be remembered for her compassion, bright smile and optimistic outlook. Recipients of the Cheryl Hagan Memorial Award must be enrolled in any program with the Faculty of Child, Family and Community Studies and demonstrate a commitment to helping others. The world is so interconnected now through governments, nongovernmental organizations, and nonprofits that it is critical to have established laws to maintain order and provide guidance not only domestically but internationally. I believe that it is through the clear establishment of laws within society that human rights are protected. I also feel that there is an onus on society to challenge injustices and hold ourselves accountable for letting things just be, for the sake of not disturbing the “apple cart”. I have completed my undergraduate degree now and have had the opportunity to have some good life experience under my belt. I am fortunate to be able to pursue a career in law with the full support of my family. The Single Market (or “Internal Market”) was created in the 1980s and 1990s with the progressive removal of technical and physical barriers to the movement of people, goods, services and capital. EU citizens of the Schengen area can travel freely in this area without undergoing passport and border controls.

One category of imported services that has been constantly growing over the past few years, are charges for the use of intellectual property, which indicates market opportunities for Canadian audiovisual services. The official EU website for people travelling in or between the 27 countries of the European Union. You will find practical information on documents you need, information on the euro and exchange rates, time zones and how to get health care when travelling to Europe, etc. The centrality of the Internet in our modern era presents massive commercial opportunities to distribute original digital material to millions via multimedia platforms and streaming services. At the same time, the rise in digitalization leaves such material vulnerable to unauthorized or illicit use. Therefore, the EU is making great efforts to stay in step with these technological developments by adopting and modernizing intellectual property laws.

For more certainty on the rights of your European consumers and your obligations as a service provider not established in the EU/EEA, you are strongly advised to seek professional legal advice. The European rules on consumer protection apply for the benefit of consumers based in the EU/EEA market. The Single Euro Payments Area harmonizes the way cashless euro payments are made across Europe. If those services are supplied to business customers , the general “place of supply” rules for services apply (reverse charge procedure—see Section I.1 “General regime” above). This is the case for restaurant and catering services, and certain types of transport services, cultural, artistic, sporting, scientific, educational, and entertainment services. When the general rule applies, and as long as you are not established in the EU, you are often not subject to VAT taxation in Europe. However, note that the exemptions are numerous depending on the types of services offered and the countries concerned (see below, Sections I.2 and I.3). It is therefore crucial to carefully identify what are your specific VAT obligations before trading to Europe. The EU aims to transform its energy market to make energy supplies more secure, clean, affordable and sustainable. Key EU initiatives in this field provide opportunities for Canadian companies in the traditionally fragmented European energy market that have historically been under the control of a few large publicly owned energy providers. Please contact your trade commissioner for a list of trade shows in the EU. However, with ongoing reforms and the Juncker Plan showing results, new business opportunities for Canadian services exporters in other, less saturated European markets are expected. In particular, Poland and Romania’s business services sectors are experiencing rapid growth, especially in the field of outsourced or offshored business services. As both internet penetration in Europe and the number of companies selling online are steadily increasing, e-commerce is an ever more dynamic area of the EU’s economy with sales worth $455 billion in 2015. Despite Brexit, the biggest market will remain the UK, followed by Germany and France. With e-commerce, growth rates in Western Europe being strong yet declining, Canadian companies should look towards less saturated markets such as eastern, central, southern or northern Europe. Nordic countries are among the highest ranking in terms of GDP and southern Europe is enjoying high growth rates with a projected jump of 4% between 2017 and 2018. When comparing dataFootnote 3 on services imported by EU countries, a pattern emerges. For most southern and eastern European Member States, the largest service imports are in the travel and transport sector. Notable exceptions include Croatia, which also imports financial and ICT services at a significant rate, and Estonia, the services import portfolio of which resembles that of the Nordic Member States (e.g. Sweden, Denmark). Under the EU’s reform efforts, the services sector saw the removal of many regulatory bottlenecks, harmonization of standards throughout the Union, and improvements in the infrastructure necessary for the provision of many services. While often considered as a whole, it is important to take into account that the EU is in reality 27 countries, each with its own characteristics and economic setting. As shown below, this fact is vital in the context of services, where national markets remain quite fragmented. Cross-Border Trade in Services refers to the production, distribution, marketing, sale, and delivery of a service, including payment for and use of that service by a consumer. Provisions of the CBTS Chapter form the foundation for the liberalization of the services market under CETA. Canadian services exporters can enjoy better predictability and transparency in a large number of service sectors of interest to Canada, including architectural, engineering, and R&D services. Any future regulatory or legal changes that make it easier for Canadian service suppliers to access the EU market will automatically be locked in under CETA, and therefore cannot subsequently be made more restrictive.

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You will develop your business management skills via hands-on learning, theoretical classes and practical labs, all led by industry experts. Joshua Plumage is majoring in environmental science at Aaniih Nakoda College on the Fort Belknap Reservation, home to the Gros Ventre and Assiniboine tribes. He is an excellent student who moved from Washington to Montana to live with extended family and attend college. Joshua receives no financial aid and is responsible for the entire cost of his education, including tuition, fees, books and living expenses. The Spirit of Sovereignty scholarship is helping him pursue a career in solar energy to benefit Native American communities in the future. & Ethel Carlton Wheeler Scholarship is awarded to six Osage students and adopted children (Indian or Non-Indian, legally adopted via a court of competent jurisdiction) of original Osage allottee who are furthering their education. Students must provide verification of financial need , maintain a term GPA of a 2.0 to remain eligible for scholarship funding and must be enrolled full-time. The John Oliver Ritchie Memorial Scholarship, established in 2007, is meant to recognize Douglas College General Nursing students who show promise and outstanding commitment to the program. It honours the 30 years of work and dedication of John Oliver Ritchie to the Faculty of Nursing. He was a respected and much loved instructor and mentor to hundreds of students over the years. This scholarship, created in his memory, serves to assist semester one nursing students as they claim their place inside their chosen profession. The Koodo and JKE Scholarship was established, in 2018, by donations from Koodo Mobile and to J.K. The purpose of the fund is to recognize and reward students at Douglas College who demonstrate academic excellence in their chosen program of studies. Bill Hill, a local New Westminster businessman, and his family created this fund to provide scholarships for second-year Douglas College students. The recipients must display evidence of entrepreneurial activities and participate in community activities. Established by the Douglas College Office of the President in 1992, the President’s Entrance Scholarship initially provided eight tuition waiver scholarships for local (New Westminster & Tri-Cities) high school graduates attending Douglas College. In 2010, the catchment area was redefined as Metro Vancouver high schools, and in 2013, the number of scholarships offered increased to sixteen , with a value of up to $5,000 annually (to be split equally between the Fall & Winter semesters). Recipients are eligible to receive additional renewal scholarships, valued at up to $5,000 annually (to be split equally between the Fall & Winter semesters), for a maximum of 4 years. Recipients must be active in, and a major contributor to, at least one school activity (eg. student council, athletics, music, clubs, etc) or be active within their community on a volunteer basis. Deferral of the scholarship for medical or other reasons is at the sole discretion of the Selection Committee. Candidates must provide relevant documentation in support of the reason for their deferral request. Established in 2001 with funds raised at Douglas College Foundation’s annual fundraising event, A Class Act, this scholarship supports students committed to excellence. Eligible students must have successfully completed their 1st year of studies and be entering their 2nd year at Douglas College. This scholarship was created by Guangwei Ouyang, VP, International Education & Strategic Partnerships, in 2017, to support the recruitment of international student athletes to Douglas College. The purpose of the fund is to cover the difference between International and Domestic student tuition fees. A maximum of 5 eligible recipients will be chosen each academic year to receive up to $7,000 toward their tuition. The scholarships will be split equally between the Fall & Winter semester. This bursary was established in honour of Dot Stoberg, founding member of the Seniors Services Society. The purpose of the fund is to support students training to work in the field of gerontology by taking programs such as Nursing, Psychiatric Nursing, Home Care Support Worker or Therapeutic Recreation. This bursary was established in 2000 when the Douglas College Foundation celebrated its 15th Anniversary and was merged with the fund that celebrated the Douglas College 40th Anniversary. The purpose of this fund is to provide financial support to students enrolled in full-time classes at Douglas College. Terry Leonard began his career at Douglas in March 1981 as Purchasing Manager. He became Director of Facilities in 1985, a position he held until his retirement on Nov. 5, 2015.

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