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Packing a carry-on is slightly different than a checked bag. You will still need to ensure that you have enough clothing/personal items for your trip at the same time as you consider the TSA guidelines for carry-on luggage. Each country has a slightly different policy for what is acceptable onboard. To be safe, review the guidelines above and pack all liquids/gels , make-up and electronics in a plastic bag and place in an easy to access spot within your bag, ready to be removed for inspection. You can find luggage size charts online that specify the different size allowances for each airline. However, airlines are constantly updating these sizes, so we suggest asking your travel specialist or checking directly on your airline website. The most popular size of carry-on luggage sold and accepted by airlines is 22″ x 14″ x 9″. If you are looking to buy a new piece of carry-on luggage, we suggest sticking with 22″ x 14″ x 9″ as it will then be a versatile bag for future travel. We also suggest looking for a carry-on bag that has two internal zipped pockets to maximize space and organization within your bag. In recent years, popularity around travelling with only a carry-on bag has increased tremendously. Travellers are looking to save on hefty luggage prices and cut down on time spent in airports waiting for their baggage to arrive on the pick-up carrousel.

Not until the second day after The Day did Randy Bragg fully understand and accept the results of the loss of electricity. Temporary loss of power was nothing new in Fort Repose. Often, during the equinoctial storms, poles and trees came down and power lines were severed. This condition rarely lasted for more than a day, for the repair trucks were out as soon as the wind abated and the roads became passable. When nuclear fireballs crisped Orlando and the power plants serving Timucuan County, refrigeration stopped, along with electric cooking. All radios were useless unless battery powered or in automobiles. Washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, fryers, toasters, roasters, vacuum cleaners, shavers, heaters, beaters–all stopped. So did the electric clocks, vibrating chairs, electric blankets, irons for pressing clothes, curlers for hair. “They may have shifted communications or changed code names.” The Admiral looked at his maps. The Admiral walked across the room and looked at the map of the United States. It was covered with acetate overlay and ten or twelve cities were ringed with red-crayon goose eggs, in the way that a unit position is marked on an infantry map.

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Three bony horses were tethered to the bandstand railing. Like Randy, some of the men carried holsters at their belts. A few shotguns and an old-fashioned Winchester leaned against the planking. The armed men had come in from the countryside, a risk. He leaned over the dock railing, coughing and choking, until he could breathe deeply of the sweet wind from the river. When Dan came out they walked silently back to the car together. All Dan said was, “She was right. He’s worse. I’ll swear he’s had a fresh dose of radiation since I saw him last.”

Many solo travellers choose to work with a travel specialist to ease their doubts and have someone who is standing by with their best interests in mind. There are pockets in our lives when travelling as a solo traveller is possible, and all too often people pass it by because we choose to focus on our doubts rather than the advantages of solo travel. During the summer months on the shores of Okayama, Vargula hilgendorfii become abundant. These creatures leave streaks of glowing blue in the water and on the rocks from where they have travelled. Photographers around the world have captured this fantastic site, including a great gallery from Tdub Photos. The plankton itself is harmless and activated with movement, so the boat will set off a glittery light display. Some companies will allow travellers to go swimming amongst the plankton; however, keep in mind that these are tropical waters with other creatures such as jellyfish active at night. Bioluminescence beaches can be found all around the world.

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The Southern beaches of Jamaica are black sand and recently becoming more popular for surfing. The North beaches are white sand and provide great opportunities for snorkelling and scuba diving. If you are thinking about Mexico for this holiday season, contact Sharon Andersen for more information. Sharon also suggests Jamaica, Costa Rica and Belize as other great options for direct flight sun vacations.

4 Bistro 82 Discover upscale, destination dining and a modern bar atmosphere at Bistro 82 in Royal Oak. After opening last year, the bistro proved worthy of the #2 spot on The Detroit Free Press’s Best New Restaurants list. Try the escargot served out of the shell with puff pastry and pistou or the popular marrow appetizer. After years of volunteering to help others in the community, two longtime Royal Oak residents have been named Citizens of the Year. The Royal Oak Chamber of Commerce is honoring Gary Briggs, the city’s school board president, and volunteer extraordinaire Lori Sust, a Royal Oak mother with a passion for schools, soccer and community. “Gary is very involved in education, the arts and keeping the arts alive in the community,” said Jennifer Clark, events director for the Chamber. His AFB Hospitality Group this year donated $10,000 to the Royal Oak Smart Park project and $5,100 to the Boys & Girls Club of South Oakland County. Briggs and Sust are both lifelong Royal Oak residents.

The next day plumbers and masons remodeled the sunken tub, eliminating the outdoor feature. Later, Lib explained that her mother dreaded snakes, and had been solely responsible for the design of the house. Randy never felt comfortable in Lavinia’s presence thereafter. And Lavinia, while attempting to be gracious, sometimes became pale and grew faint when he appeared. “I’m afraid that in summer you’ll have to shutter that whole southwest side of the house,” he said. She had lost, and yet fifteen minutes before plane time she still protested, not in the hope that Mark would change his mind. It was simply that she felt miserable and guilty. She said, “I still don’t think I ought to go. I feel like a deserter.” He flopped down on a studio couch, picked up a magazine, and started to read an article captioned, “Next Stop–Mars.” Presently the words danced in front of his eyes, and he slept. All through the summer and early fall Randy had watched the McGoverns’ house and dock go up, while landscapers spotted palms in orderly rows, laid down turf, and planted flower pots and shrubbery. On a sultry October afternoon, trolling for bass in the channel, he had seen a pair of faultlessly curved and tapered legs incongruously stretched toward the sky from the McGovern dock. Since she was lying on the canvas-covered planking, heels propped up on a post, the legs were all that could be seen from water level.

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It is time now—drumroll, trumpets, gongs—to announce the winners of the 2014 Eater Awards. In over a dozen categories in 24 cities, the winners comprise a diverse group of the finest and most interesting chefs, operators, and characters in the continent that have defined this year in dining. One Year In—Wednesday evening Bistro 82, winner of Eater’s 2014 Stone Cold Stunner Award, picked up the tab for all of it’s customers, a sum total of $5,182.19, in honor of their one-year anniversary. Additionally, the restaurant donated the same amount to Boys & Girls Club of Royal Oak. Bistro 82, winner of last year’s Jewish News readers’ poll for Best New Restaurant, is located on South Lafayette at the corner of Fourth Street. DETROIT — Guests who dined at Royal Oak’s Bistro 82 were shocked when they received their dinner bills Wednesday night — but not because the amounts were higher than expected. In fact, it was all free, courtesy of owner Aaron F. Belen’s AFB Hospitality Group. Bistro 82’s Scott Sadoff, director of operations for parent company AFB Hospitality Group, also sees spring and summer as prime season for brunch’s relaxed, leisurely pace and more adventurous menus.

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